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Bohannon, Amy Principal

Ainsworth, Brittany 1st grade
Barber, Stephanie 2nd Grade
Barnett, Adrienne 1st grade
Beaty, Heather 2nd Grade
Billings, Tatum 4th & 5th Science
Burnette, Pam Instructional Coach
Chaffin, Becky 6th, 7th, 8th Science
Conner, Cullen 4th grade ELA and Social Studies
Dennis, Cayci Reading Interventionist
Elliott, Christy Resource/SpED
Farris, Brenda Pre-K Assistant
Haile, Vickie Physical Education
Hooper, Melissa 3rd Grade
Howell, Amy Pre-K
Hutsell, Pam Kindergarten
Malone, Tiffany 4th & 5th Math
Miller, Jennifer 6th, 7th, 8th Social Studies
Miller, Melinda 5th grade ELA & Social Studies
Munger, Elizabeth Special Education C.T.
Puckett, Sara Math 8th & 6th
Raffield, Heather 3rd grade ELA and Social Studies
Ray, Adam Math 6-7th grades
Scheutzow, Heather ELA 6,8th grades
Sliger, Karen Librarian/Media Specialist
Williams, Danielle School Counselor
Wiseman, Tiffany Kindergarten
Wood, Amy ELA 6,8th grades

Arnwine, Theophilius custodian
Farris, Brenda Pre-K Assistant
Farris, Tonya Special Education Assistant
Goslin, Kim Attendance Secretary
Harmon, Kathy Cafeteria Manager
Hennessee, Kathy Custodian
Lunn, Jeanie Special Education Assistant
McCowan, Missy School Nurse
McDonald, Kristy Secretary
Peel, Chelcee teaching assistant
Stansberry, Lequita Teaching Assistant- CDC
Taylor, Karen Nurse/Assistant-CDC
Williams, Danielle School Counselor